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We have all you need to make your idea look even better. Creating an animation is quite the process. It takes lots of thinking, drawing, writing, planning, mixing, designing and love to make the animation that your audience will admire.


Infographics & Motion Graphics

We’re making both animated & Illustrated Inforgraphics. They are great to show graph, processes, and calculations in an easy and interesting form. Also, we do motion graphics & design. MLS motion graphics designers are the best and their work keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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3D Animation

3D Animation is a complicated and lengthy process – but very satisfying. Made with love here with Magic Lamp Studio; its beautiful and engaging. See for yourself.

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Animated TV Commercials

Creating the intros & outros requires deep insight into the content but result in a peice of art that will open or close the TV commercial you made.

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Live Action Video & Green Screen

Storyboards are extremely helpful in the creative process of making any animation. Magic Lamp Studio’s Storyboards are always on point of informative.

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3D Liquid & Product Visualization

By keeping up the latest trends MLS can provide High-Quality 3D Liquid & Product Visualization for Product.

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2D Animation & Animatics

We also create an animatic to further explain your IDEA. That’s an animated storyboard with a preview voice-over. It shows the essence of what we meant and how will the final product look.

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Time to time, our entrepreneurial spirit gives rise to certain outcomes, just so we can try to disrupt the status quo just a bit… by bit. Presenting “Real View”, an app based on Augmented Reality built for customers to perceive how their ordered food would be in reality.

  • An entire menu in just one app
  • Restaurant owners will have an edge over a new dimension of customer experience
  • Foodies will be able to interact with a “live” menu and share with their friends.


You can check out our creativity without taking a risk. Perhaps you have to convince your business partners of the merits of an explainer video. Simply fill out our brief and send it to us. Within a couple of days, we will prepare a booklet with a screenplay, a storyboard, the concept art, and an estimated schedule.



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